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Thursday 19 May 2016

Re-wire your wire! #PlaytexIdealBeauty

To celebrate the launch of the new Ideal Beauty bra by Playtex , I was challenged to create a masterpiece by putting the uncomfortable wire that many bras use to a far better use.

The Playtex Ideal Beauty bra provides the support and lift you'd expect from an under-wired bra but because it is wire-free, it boasts great comfort levels and it is really light.

Despite never having attempted making my own jewellery, I was ready to take on the Ideal Beauty challenge.  I spent a couple of very relaxing afternoons in the sunshine bending and moulding and winding and threading.  It was surprisingly difficult because wire really wants to go where it wants...not where you want it to.

I was surprisingly impressed by the results, despite my struggles.  This wrap-around bracelet is a simple string of beads threaded onto a wire that has been curled at the end.

Alongside the bracelet, I also made the girls a little wired ring each. Thick wire, thin wire, coloured wire... who knew wire could be so pretty?!

Lets keep the wire in the jewellery where it can be pretty AND useful - give an unwired bra a chance!
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