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Thursday 5 May 2016

Puppy In My Pocket Review

Puppy in My Pocket is back and soon to be followed this summer by Kitty in My Pocket!  Since the 1990s Puppy in My Pocket soft miniature puppies have been highly collectable and now my girls have started their own collection too.

Lara and Holly were sent a Puppy in My Pocket Dog Park Playset to review which includes two puppies to get the collection started as well as a whole host of fun for the puppies to play including a swing, slide and play house as well as a series of obstacles for an agility race and of course a few puppy treats for when they're finished.  Lara and Holly have enjoyed using all the puppies from their collection to host competitive dog shows where the puppies have to complete the agility course (including jumping the fence, climbing into the playhouse and sliding down the slide) all against the clock!  The Dog Park Playset costs £19.99 and is a great way of letting the imagination run wild with the little collectable puppies.

If you want to build your collection of Puppy in My Pocket then the best way to do so is with one of the clip on pouch sets which are available in three different colours and comes with 5 puppies in the set - at £9.99 this is the best value way to really boost your collection.  Each puppy is just over an inch tall - they are flocked with a soft material and each has a distinct character.  While we LOVED this collector set, I was a bit disappointed with the clip on pouch as the clip attachment came off the pouch within 5 minutes of opening it.  Thankfully, because the puppies are pocket-sized (hence the name), if you really want to take them out and about with you, they are small enough to carry in a pocket, purse or bag.  I think my favourite pup of the collection is a little husky on a sledge!

If you're on the lookout for additions to your Puppy in My Pocket collection then you can buy single puppies in little blind packs for about £2.49 each.  Inside every pack is a puppy surprise and a collector's sheet so you can tick off which puppies you have in your collection - this really adds to the interest for Lara as she is just at the age when she wants to collect and show off her toys to friends and share the fun with others.  With over 100 puppies to collect, I'm sure she will be looking for more of these and trying to find swaps with her friends!  There are loads of different breeds of dog and several really rare puppies to collect including glitter puppies which I'm sure are highly sought after.  

Now Lara is hooked on Puppy in My Pocket I'm really looking forward to seeing kitties to collect too!

You can find Puppy in My Pocket play sets, collector sets and jewellery sets at Smyths Toys.
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