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Tuesday 28 September 2010

The Gallery – From Plot To Plate

I have an admission to make. My entries into this week's Gallery are not my own photos! These pictures were in fact taken by my Dad of food he grew himself.

Tomatoes, Tomatillos and Chillis

Victoria Plum


Cavollo Nero

In the past few weeks my Dad has become some kind of photographic, blogging fiend. After inheriting a camera and being let loose with it in the garden he then started his own blog “Mark's Veg Plot” about a month ago. In the space of a few short weeks he has written a vast numbr of fascinating blog posts about his kitchen garden, some of which have been featured on major gardening websites and magazines. Each post is supported by some stunning photography, all of his own doing. I feel proud, yet somehow inadequate!

My parents are both passionate foodies and my Dad is a serious gardener – fruit and veg are his specialities. I've blogged before about how I plan to pass on this passion to Lara and I know it is already working. When Lara visits anyone with a garden that contains edible plants, she rushes out to explore and see what goodies she can consume. On one occasion recently, when the childminder took her to visit a friend's garden, Lara helped herself to someone else's tomatoes, chillis and sweetcorn. Ooops. Occasionally I have had to physically restrain her from eating tomatoes straight from the plant.

My Dad seems to have found his photographic inspiration. Please go visit his blog, there are some truly stunning photos there, some great recipes and some fascinating gardening tips. There are also one or two shots of Lara!
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