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Tuesday 14 September 2010

The MADS 2010 – My Road Trip!

I have just got back from the MAD awards. It was fab. I had a wonderful evening (even if much of it was spent behind a computer writing the Live Blog) and I met a group of awseome, inspirational and jovial bloggers, PR representatives and product inventors.

I may not have won an award but hey, I didn't come home empty handed! I had an enjoyable meal, a few drinks, a free spa session and a stay in a surprisingly plush hotel. I got me a goody bag, and my table won the quiz (without my help, as I was manically trying to track the answers on the twitter stream from those joining in at home).

My trip started on Monday morning when I went to pick up the ever-entertaining Claire of 20 Something Mum in my stylish Kia C'eed 2 (it has a 1.6 litre turbo diesel injection engine no-less). The lovely people at Kia had kindly offered to lend me a car as Claire doesn't drive and I had to leave my car for Mr. B. So, instead of a stressful 3-hour train journey with at least 4 changes of train, we drove down to Bognor Regis in style (and speed) listening to some choons on the CD player.

We arrived at Butlins Bognor Regis in time for a quick lunch at the Kaleidescope restaurant in the Ocean hotel. After a photo shoot alongside the trusty Kia, we met up with all the other bloggers for a coffee and cake reception. It was a good chance to meet new people and break the ice before the evening.

We were set a challenge to explore the Butlins resort and to get a photo taken of us with a Redcoat. We found this lovely lass in the pavilion providing in-fun-tainment.

I got lots of positive feedback about my outfit that I had chosen from I picked a casual outfit because I knew I would be spending more time in it than my evening outfit, and because it is so much more ME!

In these photos I am wearing:-

Half of these items were supplied for the awards by Very, but the other half I bought because I was really impressed with their service.

Since first discovering through the MADs I have spent more money with them than I should! I've found them to offer extremely fast delivery (and you can arrange it to be at a time that suits you such as 'avoid school runs', for a premium). Very is a great online place to buy designer labels and women's shoes. They appear to be the online face of Shop Direct (home to a number of mail order brands) and as such, they have a huge range and some good credit options, should you need them.

During the evening, I spent much of the time blogging on the live blog but after the awards ceremony we all gathered for a drink in the bar at the Shoreline hotel. Most people were well behaved and as civilised as Mummy and Daddy bloggers ever get. There may be photos of me somewhere that I hope don't surface.

For me, it was a relatively sedate night. This morning I was up bright and early to go exploring. I didn't go in the pool (I would have done if Lara had been with me, it looked like a lot of fun) but I did take a stroll along the beach front in the refreshing autumn breeze!

I shall tell you about Butlins in more detail at some point because I was actually very pleasantly surprised. And if you want to find out more about you can read another review here on the Family Panel where I will also be sharing my thoughts on the Kia in more detail in terms of its suitability as a family car. Stay tuned.
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