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Sunday 5 September 2010

The Sunday Review – Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder

Regular readers of Mellow Mummy will know that I am still on the lookout for a moisturiser I can fall in love with. In my entire adult life I think I have only been back to buy another bottle of a moisturiser brand on two occasions – I’m not brand loyal when it comes to moisturiser. For the past fortnight I have been using the new Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder; I’m not going to jump the gun and say that this IS the moisturiser I have been looking for all these years but yes, things are looking promising.

On the first day, I was wowed by the light texture and the zingy, minty freshness of the fragrance. When I put it on my face, my skin said “aaah”. It felt and smelt just like the feeling you get after having a really powerful shower with expensive shower gel at a posh hotel the night after a few too many drinks. Refreshing and rejuvenating.

Things went a bit downhill from there though. Every time I used it, my skin felt great for about 15 minutes but within an hour it started releasing grease by the bucket-load. It felt gross. After 3 days of use I was ready to give up the trial but I stuck to it. I guess it must just have been my skin responding to a change in product because on day 4 my skin didn’t turn greasy and my face felt firm, clean, smooth and generally fabulous.

Having used the product for a fortnight, I really can see some changes to the 7 signs of ageing that Olay boast about. I certainly have more even skin tone after just two short weeks and my skin feels smoother and more refined but I think I shall have to wait to see if there are more significant changes to the appearance of pores and small lines.

I’m really loving my Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder and I hope that the honeymoon period doesn’t wear off for me.

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