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Thursday 9 September 2010

My Beauty Staples

As a health & beauty reviewer, I tend to spend a lot of time telling you about the fact that I am still searching for my ideal moisturiser and my perfect shampoo. Sometime I review products I really love, but I simply can't justify the price tag. Other times I find products which seem great but I just don't love enough to go back to for a repeat purchase. So, for a change, I thought I would tell you about the products that I do go back to time and again.

These products are my staples. The things I simply can't do without. They haven't always been this way, but currently they are my favourites and in most cases they have been for some time. To me, they all represent good value for money but they have become so much part of the furniture for me that they probably don't merit a product review of their own!

Decleor Cleanser & Toner
I love Decleor products. They are luxurious, plant-based and they smell great. Many of them are out of my normal budget but I am more than happy to splurge on a good quality cleanser and toner. These days I never have any problem with my skin not feeling clean, fresh and vibrant. I tend to alternate my Decleor daily care products with Clarins ones so that my skin doesn't grow too used to one thing but if I had to choose one brand, it would be Decleor for their floral fragrances and gentle cleaning.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
I'm lazy in the mornings. I use this really gentle exfoliating face wash on a daily basis to avoid me having to faff around with cleansers and toners. It leaves my face feeling clean and awakened, ready for the day.

Dove Deodorant
It took me many years to find a deodorant with which I'm happy but for the past 5 years or so I have been using Dove stick deodorants. The Invisible Dry deodorant is (just about) black-dress approved! Now Dove just need to sort out their palm oil issues and I'll be happy.

Maybelline MascaraWhenever I try a mascara made by anyone other than Maybelline I am disappointed. They're not the most expensive brand available but for me they are the most reliable, whatever type of look you are going for. I have yet to find a brand that can beat Maybelline on water-resistant mascaras – most others I have tried either lack water resistance, or else won't even come off with industrial cleaners. My make-up bag is never devoid of a Maybelline mascara.

Tweezerman Tweezers
If you have not tried Tweezerman tweezers then you do not know what you're missing. Once you have, you will never look back. At around £15-£20 they are very pricey but they are worth every penny and they come with a lifetime guarantee so if at any point you are unhappy with their pointy-ness you can send them back and have them sharpened or replaced. I always feel handicapped if I try and use any other tweezers these days.

Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub for a New Skin
On special occasions, or just before I go on holiday, I splash out on a bottle of Calrin's smoothing body scrub. It is a gently exfoliating body scrub made with bamboo and it is a godsend for dull looking or slightly bobbly skin!

Bio Sculpture Nail Varnish
I always keep a single bottle of my favourite Bio Sculpture nail polish for topping up my manicure/pedicure. With my Bio Sculpture polish it is hard for me to make a mess and I always get a good few days out of my nails, even if I don't use a top coat to protect them.

Molton Brown Warming Eucalptus Bath & Shower Therapy
Ah, it relaxes me just thinking about this! Mr. B. often buys me Molton Brown goodies as he knows I love them. The Warming Eucalyptus shower gel / body wash is my favourite as it is refreshing and zingy in summer and wintery and warming in winter. It will forever remind me of trying to wash away the hangover on the morning following my wedding!

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