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Thursday 23 September 2010

What Qualities Do You Look For In A Family Car?

I have just launched a new blog over at and I am looking for some direction and inspiration from you, my lovely readers.

When I test-drove the Kia at the weekend, it dawned on me that the things I now look for in a car are VERY different to the qualities I looked for about 3 years ago in my pre-baby life. I found myself putting the car through some very vigourous tests!

What I am interested in finding out is the qualities that YOU look for in a family vehicle. Let me start the ball rolling...

  • Generally, I'm looking for 5-doors for easy access to the back seat

  • A boot big enough to fit my buggy in to it

  • A CD player or ipod dock that offers easy controls for me as a driver and good sound quality in the back for my children.

  • Plenty leg-room for the littlies in the car seats

  • long rear seat belts for fitting car seats

  • I'd like to at least know how much it costs to fit ISOFIX if it doesn't come as standard

  • Easy-to-clean fabrics

If you have any qualities that you would like to add, please add them in the comments below. Hoepfully, it will lead to some fascinating, honest reviews. is still very much as work-in-progress (as you will see if you come and visit) but I will be working on it over the coming days and weeks and recruiting guest bloggers, reviewers and feature-writers. If you'd like to get involved, please let me know.

Please come and visit me, follow me, join me, contribute for me etc. at - it could be something amazing!
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