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Friday 16 April 2010

What Time Is Bedtime?

What time do you send your kids to bed? What time do you go to bed? How has your bedtime changed since becoming a parent?

In recent weeks I have noticed myself still up and about as midnight approaches. This time last year that would have been unheard of. Before becoming a mummy, I would normally be in bed before 10pm and asleep soon after that but now my daily schedule has changed; If I went to bed that early, I wouldn't get any time to myself.

For a 10-month old, I believe Lara goes to bed quite late – usually sometime between 8.30 and 9.30pm but regularly as late at 10.30pm. I don't enforce a bedtime, we just follow her lead and let her wear herself out (thus ensuring an uninterrupted night for us!). As she gets older, we may look to try and change that pattern but currently is suits us just fine.

On a weekday, we normally get home from work/childminders shortly after 6pm. We get a little bit of chill out time with Lara to ourselves both before and after dinner. I don't feel any rush to get Lara into bed – I enjoy the short amount of time we get with her on a weekday and would probably reconsider my choice to go back to work if she fell asleep immediately after her evening meal.

After Lara goes to sleep, myself and Mr. B. get some time to ourselves. This is the time when we can be grown ups, watch grown-up TV, talk about grown-up stuff, drink grown-up drinks and enjoy each other's company! Sometimes the need for grown-up time is so great that we can find ourselves still up and about far later than we had planned (and much too late for a 'school' night!).

I'm sure our schedule will change over the years, but right now I think it's perfect.
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