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Sunday 9 January 2011

The Sunday Review – B-Sensible Bed Sheet / Mattress Cover

The B-Sensible sheet is a fitted sheet and mattress protector. When Lara moved into her little bed, we started using the B-Sensible sheet for babies - they make them for cots, cotbeds and moses baskets too. The sheet is a waterproof, breathable 'second-skin'

Although we are still several months away from active potty training, you will know, if you've read my blog posts about reusable nappies, that we have had one or two issues with wetness recently. Using the B-Sensible sheet has given me a sense of security, knowing that the bliming expensive mattress on Lara's bed is protected from accidents (which, I am guessing, will only get worse for the time being). As a water-resistant sheet, I was incredibly surprised at how light weight the sheet was – I was expecting something thick and plasticy but it is exactly the opposite. The website describes it as 'soft as silk and cool as linen' and I wouldn't argue with either of those descriptions – it is silky in texture!

Although we haven't had to actively test the water-resistance of the sheet, we have had a multi-vomit situation, with which, the B.Sensible sheet coped extremely well. All I needed to do was wash the sheet, no sponging of the mattress was needed. Phew. The sheets are machine washable and, should you wish, tumble-drier safe and they claim to be more absorbent than pure cotton sheets, yet quicker-drying.

The B-Sensible sheet is made from Tencel which is a natural fibre from eucalyptus trees – they combine it with a stretchable membrane to make a hypo-allergenic sheet which acts as a barrier between your baby's skin and moisture, bacteria and dust which is why it is so suitable for sensitive, young skin. I am hoping that it will help to reduce Lara's eczema (which is suffering a bit since I accidentally washed EVERYTHING in bio washing powder).

The B-Sensible sheets also claim to help regulate body temperature while you sleep. B.Sensible sheets also come in children's and adults size sheets and pillowcases and so, I am seriously considering buying one for our own bed as I suffer frequently from rhinitis which it claims to aid, and Mr. B. often overheats in bed.

B-Sensible claim to have a 'completely eco-friendly' manufacturing process (99.5% of the solvents used are recovered and re-used). How this is so, I really don't know, but I suppose it offers some comfort to me.

I'm really pleased with Lara's B-Sensible sheet. It'll save me time and money in the coming months as Lara goes through potty training (I should be able to turn that sheet around through the wash in just one day without needing to buy an official 'toilet training' sheet), and I hope it will help s during he hot summer months too.
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