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Monday 10 January 2011

The First Days At Nursery

And so, the first week at nursery is over. There have been tears every morning so far, but i think we're getting there slowly.

Lara seems to really enjoy her days at the nursery and comes home chatty and smiley with a full belly. When we go to pick her up in the evenings, there are sometimes tears because she is a bit lonely to be one of the last two children to be picked up - it gets a bit quiet when all her little friends have gone home.

After a couple of days, the staff at the nursery suggested that I let Lara bring a cuddly toy with her. I was a bit resistant to this idea because I don't want Lara to become dependent on a comforter - she is a self-condifent little girl who just wouldn't look right trapsing round with a worn out toy or a blanket. Despite my reservations, I let Lara choose a toy to take with her. She refused her own toys and instead chose one my my enormous collection of teddy bears. Apparently, it has helped - Lara likes to cuddle it as she takes her afternoon nap but it is a good sign that, when I turn up to pick her up, the cuddly toy is packed tidily away in her bag. I have decided to send Lara to nursery with a different toy this week so that she doesn't get too dependent on one bear.

That the nursery can get her to sleep at all is amazing for me - I can't get Lara to sleep at any time of day. She simply WILL NOT go to sleep for me.

Today, the feedback from the nursery was that Lara was cheerful and relaxed all day after the tears had gone. I know the nursery drop off will get easier as the days progress but on mornings like today when she is in absolute hysterics, it is hard to turn and leave her and her teddy bear.
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