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Sunday 16 January 2011

The Sunday Review - Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty

Jane, from The Competition Grapevine has been trying out the Glowing Serum - Skin Revitalising Serum, part of the Meaningful Beauty anti-ageing skincare system from Cindy Crawford - she was really pleasantly surprised!

As soon as I saw the celebrity name, I decided I was going to dislike this product. To me, a celebrity name on a product means the manufacturer thinks it won’t sell on its own merits, and makes me suspect they are trying to put a premium price tag on second-rate goods.

When I opened it and saw the pink colour and smelled the fruity-bubblegum smell, I reckoned my fears were confirmed, and also worried that the colour would irritate my sensitive skin, but I smoothed some on, popped on my normal moisturiser and went to bed.

The next morning my skin felt totally revitalised, smoother and softer than it has done for years. And it wasn’t just a coincidence- I have carried on using the serum and the improvement has continued. My skin looks and feels softer, clearer and brighter even in the middle of winter when it is usually at its most sluggish.

The quality of the serum was the first surprise: when I decided I would like to continue using it, and looked for it on the web, I had my second surprise. I had expected it to be an expensive product - yet it turned out to be around half the price of my usual, far less effective serum.

I’ll be trying more of the products in this range – and in future I will try not to be so snobbish about celebrity endorsed products!

Meaningful Beauty products can be bought online at
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