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Wednesday 26 January 2011

An Interview with Emma Forbes on Motherhood and Mellowness

TV and radio presenter Emma Forbes has recently started her own website, a great mix of personal material, showbiz, lifestyle tips and reviews – its a site that inspires me to work hard at making Mellow Mummy bigger and better. Emma is a mum of two children aged 10 and 14. I recently had the chance to ask Emma a few questions on motherhood, beauty and remaining mellow; you'll see from her answers that she has a very similar approach in life to me. I assure you, I am not secretly Emma Forbes!

Q. How would you describe your approach to parenting?
A. My approach to parenting is quite simple. I believe that what you put into it, you get out of it. I love parenting. I consider it my favourite and the best job I have ever done. I love being with my kids, enjoy my time with them at all ages and stages, and feel you can never love your kids too much.

Q. If you look back on the last 14 years, which aspects of motherhood do you wish that you had approached differently, if any?
A. I wish I hadn't been such a worrier when they were tiny but I guess all new mums are the same. I don't know that if I went back I would have done anything very differently - not because I did it right, but just because I think I did the best I could at the time!

Q. What one baby accessory do you remember being vital to you? And what item could you have happily lived without?
A. The one baby item I couldn't have lived without was a baby monitor. Loved them!!!! And I could have happily done without that bouncy swing thing that hung from a door...I never liked them.

Q. What recipes would you recommend for families with toddlers and young children who want to eat together as a family?
A. It's hard to put in lots of specific recipes for families with kids to eat together but I believe that eating together is the important bit - as a family - so few people do it! I am also a great believer in kids eating the same as adults - and not doing pasta with butter for the kids while you have roast chicken and vegetables. The sooner they learn to eat and experiment with food the better and the easier in the long run! I think stir fries are great with kids of all ages and easy for families, or good old traditional things like cottage pie and macaroni cheese.

Q. What, if any, childcare arrangements did you make for your children before they reached school age? How did this make you feel at the time?
A. Pre-school age I had help with my kids. I had an amazing nanny, who became part of my family (and still is even though no longer the nanny! ) They were never left with sitters, or anyone other than her - she was great as I was always hands on, and very much around. If my kids were ill, I cancelled everything (still do) and so she was great at working alongside me.

Q. In your experience, what makes a good family holiday for pre-school children?
A. A good family holiday in my opinion with tiny kids is somewhere near!!! Nowhere with more than one plane journey if you are going abroad, the less time difference the better, and don't be too adventurous!! They don't remember going to Disneyland before the age of 5 so don't spoil it by taking them at age 1!! Somewhere like renting a house in cornwall or somewhere where you know you have everything you need around you, and it will be a good change of scenery.

Q. This one is a hard one as there are so many times in our lives when our children make us grin with pride... what is your proudest mummy moment?
A. I have loads and am always proud of them, but I think I am always super proud when I get a compliment about them - when they haven't been with me and someone says how kind they were, or how they were polite -I love that!!

Q. Do you have a favourite beauty product that you can't live without? If so, what? And why is it indispensable?
A. One beauty product I can't live without is Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream. Lasts forever, treats kids and adults alike and brilliant for lips, nails and just generally fab!

Q. And finally, What steps do you take to remain mellow... positive, relaxed and healthy as a mum of two?
A. Hmmm hard to always remain that!!! It depends really on the day/week we are having, but I try to just keep it all going and have the odd massage, or see a movie if I get stressed. I tend to be pretty much in control now they are older, I think I found it harder when they were tiny and couldn't communicate as well.
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