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Tuesday 18 January 2011

Your Views On Weaning Before 6 Months - Join The Carnival

On Friday I blogged about the new report which suggested that it may in fact be healthier to wean a baby who is ready, before the 'official' 6 months guidelines. Over the weekend I have read a lot of different blog posts and articles on the same subject and it really showed me how different people can interpret the same report in astonishingly different ways. I've read some really strongly worded opinions, many with which I disagree and many of which, however you read them, keep coming back to the idea that as parents, we are well qualified to make our own decisions on these matters.

I thought I would bring together some of the blog posts I've read so that you too can share some of the amazingly different points of view. If you have a post you'd like to add, drop me a mail at jumblyMummy[']gmail[.]com and I'll add your post when I get a chance.

Here on Mellow Mummy I blogged about the guilt I felt about weaning at 6 months and the fact that I trusted my instincts.

GhostWriterMummy highlights the confusion that parents feel when they get mixed messages from health professionals and asks whether her approaches to weaning have made any difference at all.

Muddling Along Mummy has done her research and is disappointed in the way that the headlines have warped the message of the original article.

Mummy Do that has a 4-month-old daughter and the findings (if there are any) haven't changed her approach to weaning. She makes a great point about iron stores in relation to the cutting of the cord.

At the Food Allergy Kitchen they take a look at the story from the angle of allergy-prevention. their test case prooves decidedly inconclusive.

Deep In Mummy Matters is contemplating weaning now at 17 weeks but has lost her confidence in mummy matters such as these.

Mummy In Provence wants to make it clear that breastfeeding is not harmful and asks, how did we cope before purees & baby rice?

Ali at Plus 2.4 has personal experience of food allergies in children and is a trained breastfeeding supporter - some interesting input on the debate.

At Lost In Translation baby Charlie has just started to wean and is moving from breat to bottle. Not a direct response to the report last week, but an interesting blog post given the news.

Mrs Scruff at She Was Not At All Domestic is stressing about food allergies and is confused about when to wean, second time around.

Another blog post un-linked to the latest news can be found at Michelle Tant's Blog where she talks about infant feeding cues and how we, as parents, can learn from our babies how and when to wean.

Vic at Glowstars thinks the report is all about finding a balance - did she find the right balance for her two boys?

Jax at Making it Up hasn't read the report, and doesn't intend to. She, quite rightly, questions our reliance on experts to make our decisions.

Hey Mummy Mummy took a very similar approach to weaning as me - half spoon feeding and half BLW. She says to trust your instincts.

OMammy believes that you should take on board all of the advice you receive, and then make your own judgements.

And last, but not least, Ben at Goodbye to Pert Breasts takes a very mellow approach and points out that none of this 'advice' really matters at all - mummies have been trusting their own instincts for generations.

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