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Saturday 1 January 2011

2010 In One Blog Post!

I can't believe that 2010 has gone, just like that! My little baby who, this time last year, was barely moving, has now grown up and is an active toddler, a really cheerful little girl who can fend for herself and chitter chatter with me to her heart's content. Here's a quick look back at the fun of 2010.

I returned to work after maternity leave. Lara settled in with her new childminders and I set to work losing that baby weight. I also stopped breastfeeding Lara.

after a few weeks of sensible eating and getting back into the pre-baby routine, I managed to lose my baby weight. Work was going well and life was pretty damn fantastic.


Lara entered into the magical world of finger foods AND she started to crawl.

We shoved all of our belongings in storage and put the house on the market - gulp!

Lara took her first steps and the world would never be the same again! The teething trials really took their toll on Lara this month. I got nominated as a finalist in the MADs awards for the best baby blog.


We spent a great 10 days in New York for my little sister's wedding celebration and Lara's first birthday.


Lara learned to walk unaided - a proud mummy moment. We got to visit the Christmas In July previews, which Lara loved. I also took a trip to Germany to see how the new Pampers Active Fit nappies are made.


We spent an amazing week in Switzerland with family. Sunshine, Mountains, Lakes, Ice cream... what else could you ask for?

I took a roadtrip to the MADs and my new blog, ParentWheels was born.

We finally, after many long months of legal wrangling, moved into our lovely new home. A new beginning for the mellow family. Lara started to develop a devilish attitude and tested my mellowness to the max.

We took a trip with Owners Direct to the Cotswolds - very mellow. We'd love to do it again some time soon.

After a quick trip to Center Parcs, we spent Christmas with our families and Lara REALLY enjoyed opening all of her presents. It's amazing how the magic of Christmas returns when you have children.
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