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Friday 15 June 2012

Behold The NEW Avent Natural Bottle

I was quite genuinely pleased to find out about the launch of the new Avent Natural range of bottles and breast pumps which were first seen in stores this week.

With both Lara and Holly I have used a lot of Avent products and, like many UK Mums, when I first found out I was going to become a Mum, I invested in an Avent newborn starter kit. While we loved both our steam steriliser and microwave sterliser as well as all the accessories, we never got on with the bottles with either Lara or Holly and ended up using the classic Avent bottles for breastmilk storage instead. I always found the shape of the bottle uncomfy for me and neither girl manages to grasp the teat. The popularity of a bottle so far removed from the shape of the breast surprises me and, while the competition were fighting over themselves to come up with a bottle that accurately mimics the feeding action of the breast, it seemed disappointing that Avent were sticking to a design they had been using for over two decades.

This week however saw the launch of the new Avent natural range which target my two main concerns - it is a bottle more comfortable for me to hold and more natural for Holly to feed from when I am offering her a bottle once or twice a week. Avent's own research showed that 8 out of 10 babies accepted the new Avent natural teat instantly and Holly certainly took to it from the first bottle. I like using the new teat - it bears a resemblence in shape and style to the Tommee Tippee teat (which Lara also never got on with!) but with added 'comfort petals' to increase the flexibility of the teat and help prevent it from collapsing.

The bottle vents air out from small holes in the teat. I don't find it 100% successful at this if Holly is holding the bottle close against her skin. Mr. B. doesn't enjoy using the new Avent Natural bottle for this reason.

The new Philips Avent Natural bottle is compatible with the entire Avent feeding range and the bottle tops are interchangeable which means I don't have to throw away my old products just because I have a few new bottles.

Visit the Philips AVENT website at or Facebook page at to find out more about the Natural range.
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