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Sunday 17 June 2012

Blue Nose Friends Review

Team Mellow are celebrating a summer of british sports with our own family of My Blue Nose Friends each with their own sporting prowess. These brand new characters from My Blue Nose Friends were sent to us by Carte Blanche and we have each claimed one as our own.

Mummy Chose: Shelter the Woodlouse
Skills: Gymnastics, especially roly polys
Special Characteristics: Perhaps the cutest cuddly toy EVER!

Daddy Chose: Ocean the Sea Turtle
Skills: 100m Freestyle
Special Characteristics: Looks remarkably like baby Holly!

Lara Chose: Ramble the Centipede
Skills: Speed walking
Special Characteristics: Shimmery gold body to celebrate being the 100th character in the My Blue Nose Friends collection to commemorate their 4th birthday.

Holly Chose: Treetops the Gorilla
Skills: Wrestling
Special Characteristics: Looks timid on the outside but is a real winner.

I can't believe that there are now 100 characters in the My Blue Nose Friends range - there is even a Corgi character to celebrate the jubilee. Each of them comes with a name, number and identifying tag to make them even more collectable. They cost around £5 each.

Our little friends are now lined up on top of the Mellow TV ready and waiting for the Olympics!
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