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Monday 25 June 2012

Of Gift Boxes and Party Dresses

If you saw last week's birthday cake then you will probably have gathered that it was Lara's 3rd birthday. Lara had a small party with a few special friends and just before her guests arrived I took some photos of Lara and Holly in their party dresses of which I am enormously proud.

Both of these outfits were sent to us by Boots Mini Club and many of our guests were astonished to find out that Boots sell clothing. Mini Club clothes are quite mind-blowingly good value for money. They are good quality, there is a wide range of styles for both girls and boys (from summer casuals right up to this collectable lace-style dress). Mini Club clothes can be found in larger Boots stores and online. Holly has received a new baby gift of Boots Mini Club clothing from friends recently and the quality and innovative designs and bright colours really made me smile.

Lara was totally and utterly spoiled for her birthday (as befits a new Big Sister) - one of her gifts was a mysterious box that was sent to her from The Cocoon Collection, an online gift store who feature a really interesting range of children's gifts all a little different than anything I've seen on gift websites before.

Once Lara had opened her beautifully packaged Doodle Doo gift box she found a whole host of exciting things - a cuddly meerkat, chocolate mice, jumping beans and lots and lots of craft materials which, over the past week have given her hours and hours of entertainment already (although she did try and pester me to make her plaster-of-paris mirror at about 10pm one weekday evening).

The Doodle Doo box from the Cocoon Collection costs £17.99 and I think it is a great idea for a child's gift, perhaps for someone you don't know so well or when you are in a hurry. It is nice for a child of Lara's age to receive a mix of toys and sweets AND crafty things to inspire them and in a box like this you know that something will hit the spot.

Lara had a very busy and happy week with presents from friends and family as well as one or two nice surprises such as these from friends of Mellow Mummy. I think the lace dress was the biggest hit though because it makes her look totally stunning and so grown up that she is barely recognisable! When she wore it last weekend and started twirling around and around like a ballerina I couldn't keep my eyes off her - how can someone so beautiful, blonde and (dare-I-say-it, dainty?) be related to me? My great big beautiful ball of sunshine.

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