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Thursday 14 June 2012

Babies are gross!

I never realised babies could generate so much vomit. No, really, this is all new to me. I wasn't well enough prepared for baby sick!

I had a whole stack of tiny baby bibs packed away in a box from when Lara was a baby, all totally unused and now I realise what they are for! Protecting baby clothes. My purchase of a bumper-pack of muslin cloths shortly before Holly was born was a bit of an afterthought as well. I really never needed them for Lara. But for Holly things are different.

People always talk about how babies puke all over the place and I'd previously just dismissed them as being a bit wet. I was only going on experience. Lara has only ever vomitted 7 times in her life (that I recall) and every single one of those occasions has been since she turned One (thus producing actual real vomit rather than just milky dribbles). Two of those vomit occasions have been in the past month! Lara never did the whole baby sick thing. She wouldn't have wanted to waste valuable milk!!!

And so baby sick has come as a bit of a surprise to me. My poor old shoulders have seen far more milky deposits than I care to mention and my hair is frequently sticky at the ends. I have had warm vomit between my boobs (a very offputting feeling) and a very near miss when dangling Holly directly above my face. Eeeew.

I wonder what it is about babies that make them a sicky one, or a not sicky one? Vomit; just one of the many differences between my two little girls. Motherhood brings new experiences every day!
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