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Thursday 28 June 2012

Manukacare for Ceasarean scars

I have used Manuka honey as a natural remedy before, I've even used Comvita Manuka honey skincare and bath products but it had never crossed my mind that pure 100% Manuka honey could be used for directly medicinal purposes such as to aid the healing of ceasarean scars.

Comvita Manukacare is a medical grade Manuka honey.  Nothing more.  It has had all of the impurities removed from it (you probably shouldn't just slather on the same honey you had for breakfast!) which means that not only is it suitable for applying to wounds but it is also suitable for babies and young children.  It has a UMF (unique Manuka factor) of 18+ which means it has a high healing power which it gets from the Manuka flowers that the pollen came from.

Manuka honey has proven strong antibacterial properties which is why it is claimed to help the healing process of wounds - helping to fight off bacteria when your body is trying to repair itself.  Mellow Mummy reviewer Kate Allen recently gave birth to a beautiful girl and, following her C-section, tried Manukacare during her period of ceasarean recovery.  Kate found the honey tricky to apply (it is easier though than standard Manuka honey) because it was sticky and would stick to her clothes!  It is probably best applied when you have plenty of time to let it dry and sink in.

For Kate, the effects of Manukacare hard to measure because it doesn't physically heal you, it just helps reduce the risk of infection as your body does what it needs to do to heal itself.  It gave peace of mind during the healing process.

Comvita Manukacare UMF 18+, available from, £14.50 for 50g

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