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Sunday 10 June 2012

Gunapod wearable blanket review

Gunapod wearable baby blanket / sleeping bag

Holly has been trying out the The Gunapod from Gunamuna which is available in the UK exclusively from Tesco. We have used the Gunapod since birth as a wearable blanket for Holly both at home, at family and friends houses and in the pram.

The Gunapod isn't really a sleeping bag, it's more like a wearable fleece blanket. The genius of it is that it features a set of different zips and snaps which mean you can open and close it in numerous difference combinations. This seems to baffle Mr. B to the point where he can't use it - he just hands Holly over to me and gets me to do it!

The zips are designed so that I can put Holly into the Gunapod from the front, back, top or bottom. I can unzip it to give her feet some air or I can unpopper it to slip her out for a feed or a change. Personally I think it's a work of genius. I particularly like using the Gunapod in the pram because I can lay it down on the pram base and then place a sleepy Holly onto it before zipping it up around her. I don't need to wake her up at all. The video below gives you an idea of how easy it is to use.

top of the Gunapod wearable blanket / sleeping bagIn terms of weight, I found the Gunapod to be refreshingly light compared to other sleeping bags - this makes it more appealing for me to take out and about, especially in the pram, and because it is a low tog (1.6 tog I think), it is suitable for summer nights - I think I'd probably want a more traditional sleeping bag in the winter. Saying that, the Gunapod is made from man-made fibres (polyester) and so, during the recent hot weather I chose not to put Holly in it because I was worried she could get a bit hot and sticky - the fabric can be a bit slippery when I pick Holly up in it. Despite this, the fabric is deliciously soft and makes me want to snuggle Holly when she is wearing it.

The Gunapod comes in brown, pink or cream and comes in three different sizes; it costs £20. Find out more about the Gunapod on the Clothing at Tesco website.

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