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Sunday 27 January 2013

Living Nature Balancing Night Gel Review

Right then.  Having finally got pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding out of the way and now that I am back at work I think I've earned the right to start blogging about skincare for mummies again.  Phew.

The past couple of weeks I have been trialling the Balancing Night Gel from Living Nature.  I've tried a few products from Living Nature before but mainly hair care so it was great to get an opportunity to try out something from their facial skincare range.  Living Nature are a New Zealand based natural cosmetics company who use manuka honey as one of their key active ingredients.

The Balancing Night Gel is 100% natural but it doesn't lack punch.  It is designed for use overnight to kick start your skin into regenerating itself over night.  It is quite a runny gel but does leave a slightly sticky feeling on the skin after you apply it but that disappears after a few minutes - secretly I quite like that feeling as it makes the skin feel tight as if it is already getting to work.

The light, transparent gel is also extremely soothing and I can imagine it would be heavenly after a day in the sunshine.

Every morning after I've used the Balancing Night Gel I've woken up looking gorgeous(!).  OK, I can't attribute it all to the night gel (I'm just generally gorgeous you see) but my skin does feel great in the morning. Very smooth and plump, a bit like it has felt in the past after applying phenomenally expensive anti-ageing products with no natural ingredients whatsoever.

I'm very impressed because the hand cream and hair products I've tried from Living Nature in the past haven't rocked my world but this, this has put a smile on my face.

Balancing Night Gel costs £38 for 50ml.  You can find out more about Living Nature on their website .
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