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Wednesday 2 January 2013

The Resolutions 2013 Style

This is now the 4th year that I've blogged my new year's resolutions and I've found that it is a pretty effective way of making sure I keep them;  making my resolutions public and published means that I can't hide from them!  OK, so the shoe thing hasn't happened (I have 2 pairs of shoes I normally wear now which I suppose is a 100% increase on last year) but I've been very good about the rest of my resolutions.

This year I don't have many.

  • Myself and Mr. B have promised each other that we will get out in the fresh air with the girls at least once a week.  Inspired by local blogger, Heather Young, we have promised to spend more time each weekend outside, regardless of the weather.  We have a new National Trust membership which should help with exploring the great outdoors.
  • I want to make sure I take Lara out on her balance bike frequently.  I had got quite good at this before Holly arrived.  Now always have the buggy in tow so it is hard to find time for Lara's bike but she is desperate to be able to ride a bike like her Daddy.
  • My final resolution is going to sound a bit weird given that in the past I've resolved to invest less time and emotion into work, and more into my family.  I'm planning on taking my job a bit more seriously this year.  I think that the past 12 months have been a bit weird for me career-wise what with the wind-down to maternity leave and then 8 months just popping into the office occasionally.  This year I need to go places, work hard, inspire others and impress people and make sure that just because I'm a Mummy of 2 now, that I don't lose my work mojo.
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