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Thursday 17 January 2013

Viakal Made My Shower Sparkle

This week Viakal came to my house and made my shower sparkle.  It sparkled so much that Holly needed sunglasses to look at it!!!

Seriously, our shower cubicle was so manky that I had given up on it.  When we moved into our house nearly 2 years ago it was encrusted with limescale and after a feeble attempt I decided that the limescale could stay - I wasn't up to the task of dealing with it.  Very occasionally I clean the shower screens of soap scum but in a hard water area like ours it often feels like a losing battle.  Viakal sent a lovely lady to clean it for me and show me that even as a working mum with barely any spare time to spend scrubbing that I can make my shower room presentable by using their Viakal spray.


I also challenged them on my taps.  Taps don't sparkle in my house normally, once again, the limescale just slowly creeps up on you and before you know it everything is dull and grey or else crusted in the stuff.

I was genuinely surprised when I first took a look at the clean bathroom.  the shower cubicle was almost unrecognisable!  In the evening Mr. B. said it felt quite good to actually be able to see out of the shower!!!


According to Viakal, the danger areas when it comes to limescale are the taps, plughole and shower head and their advice is to tackle the limescale as soon as you notice it - hmmm, maybe I'll try that now rather than letting it build up and having to tackle it with a screwdriver to chip it off!

Other handy tips include wiping the sink down after every use and storing all your bathroom products, cleaning products and bits and pieces in a cupboard so that they don't get dusty or grimey.

Thank you Viakal!

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