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Sunday 13 January 2013

Oral B Limited Edition PC600 Electric Toothbrush Review

I think I've blogged before about how Lara was finally scared into brushing her teeth when we introduced her to the concept of an electric toothrbush. At the time we gave her a disposable electric brush and we never replaced it but things have changed now and since Mummy and Daddy got their shiny Oral B toothbrush last year as an anniversary present, Lara had shown a renewed interest in the electric toothbrush. We had given Lara her own toothbrush head to use with ours but this Christmas Oral B sent us this gorgeous limited edition pink PC600 toothbrush and I knew it would be ideal for her.

The PC600 is a towards the entry level of Oral B's adult electric rechargeable toothbrushes. This version costs around £50 but there are LOTS of special offers with incredible prices right now. The toothbrush uses Oral B's standard heads (you can buy children's themed brush heads too) and I can say from experience that the level of cleaning is sooooo much better than with a manual brush. I personally use a manual in the morning and an electric at night and have been using an Oral B brush for over 10 years now. When Lara is in the mood to use the electric brush (she is still very moddy when it comes to tooth brush time) her teeth are visibly cleaner and after just a couple of days, the build-up on her teeth has gone.

The limited edition Precision Clean 600 comes in a vibrant pink colour. It has a slimine handle and a wall-mountable stand for recharging it. It also comes with a patterned travel case which Lara loves! This is really useful for when she is staying overnight with grandparents like she did several times over the Christmas period. I think this toothbrush would be suitable for any girl or young lady who likes bright pink!

Lara feels like she is a very grown up girl now with her new toothbrush and long may this enthusiasm in toothbrushing last!
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