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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Next Kids Clothing - Matching Pairs! #NextKids

I've recently been suffering a crisis on conscience - should I dress my girls in matching or co-ordinating clothes or not?  I remember being dressed in matching clothes with my little sister as a child and quite enjoyed it but Mr. B. has seemed very much against the idea.

Last week the new Next kids clothing spring / summer catalogue dropped through my door and I saw my opportunity!  Quite apart from wanting two of EVERY item of girls clothing in the entire catalogue, Mr. B. and I both fell in love with this sunflower jumper dress and I KNEW we had to have it.  Next sent the girls each a jumper dress and a pair of leggings to give us a taste of their new collection.

One of the things I was most impressed by in the Next catalogue was that most of their children's clothes (as opposed to baby clothes) are available from 3 months to 6 years which meant there was a realistic prospect of dressing the girls in similar clothing.  There is a beautiful collection of white, salmon and denim coloured clothing that I suspect I will be dipping in and out of over the next couple of months to build up some co-ordinating sets of clothes.

I was also very impressed by the value of the clothing from Next - the girls white leggings were £2.50 for Holly's little legs and £3.50 for Lara's long legs.  The jumper dress is a very good quality item (a soft knit and not crunchy at all) and costs around £15-17.

Of course, dressing two very mobile girls in white leggings was a bit of a risk!  Holly did actually manage to make it through most of the day unscathed... until I offered her a biscuit.  Woops.

I don't think I'll be dressing my girls in matching outfits every day of the week but you must admit that they do look extra specially cute in their new Next outfits!

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