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Sunday 20 January 2013

Valmax Childrenswear Review

When I first browsed the Valmax website I knew that their clothes were going to be something special.  Lara isn't the most elegant and dainty of little girls most of the time but she scrubs up nicely and can look like a total angel in a dress so we were delighted to be sent a dress from the current range of Valmax childrenswear to try.

This gorgeous pastel pink dress has a heart shaped cut-out and is designed to be worn over the matching polo neck jumper.  The bow on the dress has a small flower-shaped brooch which Lara has taken to wearing on her chest as often as she wears it on the bow.

The dress is simply perfect; a light yet hardwearing fabric with a full, silky smooth lining and a long zip at the back.  It sits so gorgeously on her and twirls as she walks.  Lara loves it.  she knows she looks like a little princess when she wears it because EVERYONE comments on it.

On the day when these photos were taken, Lara insisted on wearing leggings too and did her own hair and jewellery!  Lara's jumper is also incredibly light and very stretchy.  It is perfect for this time of year.

Valmax is an italian designer label with a small range of exquisite clothes for children which can be bought in a few small childrenswear boutiques online and in store in the UK.

There is only one problem with the Valmax dress and jumper and that is that Lara wants to wear them all the time.  She actually recovered them from the washing basket to wear and seemed quite miffed when I told her they were too special to wear to nursery!
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