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Sunday 9 February 2014

Popbands and Poplaces Review

Lara is very much like me and has inherited a dislike or (or should that be an acknowledgement of our own total inability of) putting her hair up because it 'hurts'.  Lara can be particuarly troublesome when it comes to swimming lessons when she really does need her hair tied back but will bawl her eyes out when I remove her hairband after the lesson because it has tangled in her hair.  So, when I was contacted to try out Popbands soft elasticated hair bands with a promise that they are kinder to your hair... I jumped at the chance.

Popbands are a very simple stretchy hair band made from a soft, highly-elasticated fabric (they also make head bands too).  They are designed to prevent damage to the hair (there are no joins or sticky outy bits!) and prevent denting of the hair where they are worn.  I found them to have the level of control that I would expect from a thinner, more wirey hairband but with the softness and flexibility I had been promised.  They have worked extremely well for swimming and they MUST be more comfortable because yesterday, for the first time ever, Lara left her ponytail in all afternoon.

Popbands come in a range of colours - brights, pastels and prints.  Many of the designs can also come with beads on which add a little sparkle.  Lara enjoyed choosing a colour to match her outfit but also likes to wear one on her wrist as a bracelet - they have some very cute valentine's designs on right now.  Popbands are suitable for kids and grown-ups alike.  A set of coloured Popbands costs around £6 with novelty beaded Popbands costing around £5 each.

Also from the same clever people, these are Poplaces which are suuuuuuper stretchy shoelaces.  Lara's white shoelaces bring a feminine touch to her trainers but these aren't just for show.  Right now, Lara really wants to wear her trainers to school (it's a non-uniform school) but if she has to take her shoes off during the day then she struggles to tie the laces back up - she hasn't quite grasped the skill yet.  So to have a pair of shoelaces that need never be undone and which will stretch as you put the shoes on, before returning to their original tightness, is perfect for Lara right now.  Poplaces would also work well for me as I much prefer to slip my shoes on in a rush than faff about with tying laces every time!  Poplaces come in black, white and neon colours and cost £6.
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