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Friday 28 February 2014

Mothers Day Book Ideas for Children by Tiger Press

Tiger Press sent the girls two beautiful story books to review, both of which would make beautiful Mothers day gifts for a mum of a young child and they are a fitting celebration for Mothers day which is on the 31st of March 2014.

I Want My Mummy by Tracey Corderoy (illustrated by Elison Edgson) is an outrageously cute book abut a little mouse's first day away from his mummy. Grsny tried everything to cheer him up (even wearing an oh-so-cute dragon costume) but it takes a lot to cheer him up because all he really wants is his mummy.

The illustrations of the tiny mouse, Arthur, are really sweet and both of my girls were instantly drawn to the book for this reason. This book helps a toddler or preschooler understand that they don't need to be scared just because they are apart from their mummy - it would make a good book for reading at bedtime if your children were away from home for the night to try and cheer them up.

I Want My Mummy is available in both hardback and paperback. The story is a good length for a single bedtime story - not too short, not too long.

Mummy's Little Sunflowers is also pretty cute and tells the tale of two cheeky little mice who want to impress their mummy.  The story is written by Angela McAllister and is also illustrated by Alison Edgson.

The story tells the tale of Scurry and his little brother Scamp.  Scurry gets a sunflower seed from nursery that he hopes to plant and grow into a big flower for his mummy but his cheeky younger brother can't resist the tasty treat and eats the special seed.  Between the two siblings they go on an adventure to try and find a replacement sunflower seed.

I loved the little mouse Scamp - I particularly liked the fact that he calls the flowers "funflowers" as this reminds me of Holly right now.  In fact, the two mice remind me quite a lot of my girls and the way that they interact... Holly is the troublemaker but Lara will lead them off into things they probably shouldn't be doing.  I can also picture Holly trying to grow a whole sunflower in a matter of hours - she's not awfully patient.

Mummy's Little Sunflowers is available in hardback for around £10.99 and would make a lovely Mother's day themed gift to read with siblings.

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