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Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Disney Princess Palace Pets Review

Lara is just a little bit Disney Princess mad.  She sleeps with her cuddly Rapunzel at night and dresses up as Snow White, Aurora or Merida at every opportunity.  About a fortnight ago Lara was walking across the living room when she stopped.... absolutely stock still... in the middle of a sentence.  She had seen an advert for the new range of Disney Princes Palace Pets on television and both Lara and her Daddy were starring at the screen in awe.  Cute cuddly pets for each of the Disney Princesses? What more could a 4 year old girl long for?

We were just a tiny bit jammy to then be asked to give our opinions on the Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper & Beauty Salon from Character Options.  This is the ultimate pamper destination if you are a rabbit, cat, pony, bear or pooch who belongs to a Disney princess!!!  The salon features a bubble bath and a styling chair which fold out.  There are brushes, hairclips and a pretend hair drier to use on your Palace Pet's hair as well as a mirror and shelves to put your crown on!  Lara thinks that the pull out shower (no water required) is fun for giving Rapunzel's cat a pretend wash in her bath.  I am unsure how our own, real pet cat feels about this but she does think that the Palace Pets are fun and tries to steal them by picking them up by their fluffy tails and running off with them!

The Disney Princess Palace Pet Pamper & Beauty Salon Set

The Pamper and Beauty Salon comes with one Palace Pet included and you can buy the other pets individually as Furry Tail Friends or Primp & Pamper Pony toys from the full Disney Princess Palace Pets range.  Each toy comes with a little booklet that explains which pet belongs to which princess and what their characteristics and likes are.  The box describes this as a story book but I think I'd describe it as marketing.  Now Lara wants the entire set.

Lara was particularly taken by Rapunzel's cat who now follows her around the house (a bit like a real cat) when she is carrying her cuddly Rapunzel doll with her.  Each of the pets comes with a brush for their tail, a crown for their head and some clips for their hair.  In some cases there are other small accessories too.  Lara likes the fact that all the animals are different - I think it helps her imagination fun wild.  I found the Primp & Pamper pony to be a little front-heavy so she topples over easily.

Disney Princess Palace Pets Primp and Pamper Pony

There has been a lot of attention to detail on each of the toys.  Snow White's rabbit, for instance, has little red apple motifs on it.  I think that the targeting to Princess-obsessed girls is absolutely spot on.  I guess my only real disappointment was with the hair clips which are very small (easily lost) and actually blimming hard to open and close.  I may disappear them, especially because Lara's little sister keeps finding them and scattering them across the floor.  I'm sure the Palace Pets won't mind.

Disney Princess Palace Pets Fury Tail Friend

Lara has most treasured this slightly larger Disney Princess Palace Pets Talking and Singing Pet - this one is Berry the rabbit and she has been given pride of place on Lara's window ledge, out of the reach of her little sister's hands.  The Talking and Singing pet is just under 20cm tall and has a larger tail with a larger brush that is a lot easier to use.  When you press the button on her collar she speaks or sings a limited set of phrases.

The Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper & Beauty Salon costs around £34.99 and is recommended for age 4 upwards (there are lots of small parts such as brushes, hair clips and crowns).  The Furry Tail friends cost around £5.99, The Primp & Pamper Ponies cost around £7.99 and the Talking & Singing Pets cost around £12.99.
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