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Tuesday 4 February 2014

MyStyle Craft Design & Make Shamballa Fire Jewellery Kit Review

Lara recently received this MyStyle Craft Design & Make Shamballa Fire Jewellery kit to review and she has been totally absorbed in it.  The kit is available from Tesco for £12.99 and it includes the materials you will need to make two different necklaces, two bracelets and a pair of earrings in the Shamballa style.

The Shamballa Fire Jewellery set features a re-usable craft box which includes knotting cord, Shamballa beads, sparkly beads, earring wires and necklace attachments.  The Tesco website recommends this jewellery making kit for children from 3-4 years so I had expected it to be well-targeted for Lara (age 4.5) but in fact it was very tricky.  I spent an entire evening making this simple knotted bracelet... there is simply no way that a 4 year old would have the dexterity, attention to detail or attention span needed to make the bracelet.

That said, Lara did manage these earrings with only a little help from her Daddy to make the spirals a little tighter.  She very much enjoyed choosing the beads and threading them onto the wire.

This MyStyle Craft Design & Make set comes with a 16 page colour guide that walks you through the steps needed to make your own jewellery.  I found the instructions very easy to follow, including the detailed pictures that show you how to make the knots.  I found it tricky to thread the cord onto the Shamballa beads because it frayed easily.  Once again, I think the instructions and the threading are more suited to an early teen than a younger child.

I think this craft set presents good value because of the materials provided and the life-long skills that you will learn.  Equipped with Shamballa knotting skills you could take on the world!
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