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Monday 14 April 2014

Children's Book Review :: Hold That Thought, Milton!

Holt That Thought, Milton is a fun story book and picture book for young readers about a little boy, Milton, who is always being asked by his family to save his thoughts for later.

In the build up to a family wedding, Milton loses his pet frog, Burp, and is desperate to find him but nobody will listen.  The story tells the funny tale of what happens when Milton bottles up all of his thoughts before he finally finds Burp.

Hold That Thought, Milton is written by award winning author Linda Ravin Lodding and the very groovy stylised illustrations are by Ross Collins - I particularly liked his drawings of Milton's older brother.  The pages are bright and cartoony with just a tiny hint of graffiti style artistry - all of the characters have been really pushed to the limit of their stereotype.

Both of my girls have loved us reading this book to them at bedtime - just the name Burp is enough to have them rolling around in laughter and the words "Hold That Thought, Milton" have become a little bit of a mantra in our house over the past week.  The ending of the story is great fun and makes us all giggle.

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