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Friday 18 April 2014

Method Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Hand Soap + Body Wash Review

We are big Method fans and my girls were both really excited to find out about the new range of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse children's products from Method.

Holly and Lara can both be a bit cheeky when it comes to hand-washing so this Mickey Mouse shaped foaming hand wash has given us a good excuse to get the girls washing their hands properly.  I think the gentle lemony scent is beautiful and Holly has to be torn away from the sink these days (Holly and sinks are not a good combo... but that is a story for another day).  Lara doesn't really like the scent even though she loves the pump action and the great foam.  The bottle is designed in such a way that it generates a really good foam from what sounds like a very watery hand wash - this is fab because it means less chemicals needed to do the same job and it also means less foaming chemicals needed as ingredients.

Method products are paraben free and use naturally derived ingredients where possible, which is why I am more than happy to use the Method Minnie Mouse shampoo + body wash on my girls.

The girls LOVE this fun bright red Minnie Mouse bottle and you can see the clear no-nonsense shampoo inside.  Because the ingredients are naturally derived, the texture of the shampoo is a little unusual; it reminds me of wallpaper paste.  Holly, once again, really really likes the scent which is called 'strawberry fizz', it certainly adds a bit of fun to bathtimes.

All in all, these fun Mickey and Minnie bathtime products from Method have been a big hit in our house.  They can be found in Waitrose, Ocado and at BigGreenSmile.
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