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Sunday 27 April 2014

Outdoor Adventures with Mothercare and Early Learning Centre

This weekend we had been planning a day out but the weather (and recovery from a Holly-induced flood) put paid to our plans so instead we decided to explore our local neighbourhood.  I took the girls out for a walk around our street to see if they could notice some of the things that they normally overlook.  Mothercare sent the girls each an adventure pack to help them explore.

The kits include these fun Explorer Kit backpacks from Early Learning Centre (£15) which are packed full of gadgets that encourage children to get outdoors and do what they are best at... being kids.  This weekend not only did Lara learn how to read a compass but she used her new magnifying glass to really take a look at some of the things in the grass outside our house.  She found the flowers and the raindrops fascinating but Lara is a little scared when it comes to minibeasts.  One ant in her bug-pot was as adventurous as she got.

Holly, on the otherhand, really got stuck in and loved digging about in the grass and the soil to see what she could find.  Lara's kit also included some fun ideas for things to spot.  Lara used her Discovery Channel binoculars to look at the roofs of the other houses in our street to see which birds were sitting on them - although Holly's binoculars were a nice big size to help her grab hold of them, I'm not sure how effective they were.

The girls loved getting outside despite the weather and it was great to show them a different side to our normal surroundings.  Holly really threw herself into her adventuring and I can't wait to introduce her to the world of mini-beasts.  Hopefully she won't try to eat every one she meets.

The girl's outfits are from the Mothercare spring and summer range and are part of a range of clothes designed to celebrate the simplicity of children's clothes and really get back to the days of kids being kids.  Lara's Mothercare Gingham Cross Back Dress reminds me of classic dresses I would have worn at her age - it gave her the freedom to get out and explore and at just £6 (or two for £10) it really doesn't matter how grubby she gets on her adventures.

Holly's beautiful Mothercare Strawberry Dress is a soft cotton with little red embroidered strawberries throughout.  I just know that before the summer is out, I will snap her raiding our supply of fresh strawberries in the garden and smearing red juice down this pretty dress. This dress is available from 2 years up to 8 years old for around £18-£19 but there is also a version for younger girls too.  I absolutely love this dress and I know Holly does too.

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