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Tuesday 1 April 2014

Rusks and Rebels Personalised and Designer Kids Clothing Review

These two bundles of loveliness are my cheeky monkeys.  These days they are partners in crime.  My two little rebels.

The girls were sent these gorgeous skinny fit t-shirts by Rusks and Rebels as an introduction to their 2014 summer range of personalised and designer clothing.  I love them.

My ASBSOLUTE favourite item from the whole Rusks and Rebels range is this personalised superman t-shirt which is available from 3 months right up to 12 years old and is one of their super hero range.  Choose your super hero (superman or batman), choose your initial or name and choose your colour of t-shirt.

The T-shirt is a gorgeous stretchy cotton and the design is printed on.  My girls were both so comfy in their t-shirts.  They are the perfect introduction to the gorgeous summery weather.  Holly really is my little super-hero with her giggles and cuddles and new words to add to her vocabulary every few minutes.

All of Rusks and Rebels clothing is sourced ethically using fair-trade cotton from Tanzania and each t-shirt comes with a label that explains the ethos of the fabric supplier.  The inks that they use to print the t-shirts are eco-friendly too.  I must admit they are a very good quality of t-shirt and I rather fancy one of them myself.

Lara's t-shirt is part of the rebels range for children over 2 years.  We love the stretchy fabric and the flattering shape and Lara definitely appreciates the cheeky face which is an emojicon - there are lots of different emojicons to choose from and the t-shirt is available in both girls fit and a more baggy fit.

Rusks and Rebels t-shirts cost from £15 in the rebels range and from £9 in the rusks range for babies. The rusks range includes some very groovy rompasuits that may have made me a little bit broody!
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