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Monday 7 April 2014

FlatBox LunchBox Review

Lara started school in September and quite quickly we found a good weekly balance between school dinners and packed lunches. At present Lara is going through a stage where her packed lunch days are the highlight of her week. Last week Lara very proudly walked into school with her brand new Flatbox-LunchBox which she was sent to review.

The Flatbox is a really innovative lunchbox which also serves as a placement. Lara was wowed, her friends were wowed but behind all the "wow" is a really practical, well-thought out product.

The Flatbox-LunchBox is made of soft neoprene which makes it strong yet flexible. It is naturally shaped with a carry handle and, when you are ready to eat, you simply unzip the for corners and it turns into a placement. This way you don't have to try and find space to eat your food from the crowded inside of a lunchbox, you have a nice large, flat, hygienic space to spread your food out on. And, once you have finished, zip the bag back up and carry away all your rubbish! Easy.

For me, one of the most appealing things about the Flatbox-LunchBox is that it is totally machine washable (and very quick to dry) - this is perfect for me because I hate washing Lara's lunchbox in the evening and picking out all the crumbs and manky bits of fruit peel! The Flatbox is also heat-resistant so you could take a pot of hot lunch out with you too. I think it would work very well in an office environment where you want to try and protect your work area from crumbs as much as you want to protect your food from touching the surface.

When Lara first started using the Flatbox-LunchBox she struggled to zip it up unaided so I had to show her that there are little tags in each of the four corners that allow you to gain purchase in order to re-zip the lunchbox. Now she really enjoys using it and wields it proudly.

I think the design is very clever but it could do with just a tiny bit more height in order to be able to hold Lara's drinking bottle in an upright position (at present the bottle has to poke out of the top where the zips come together).

The Flatbox-LunchBox comes in a number of different bright colour combinations and costs around £27.50 from
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