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Tuesday 27 May 2014

Addis Sit and Store Review

I seem to spend my entire life removing toys from the floor where I want to walk. Storage is an issue in our house. Not necessarily for lack of space, but more for the fact that I'm unwilling to invest in expensive furniture until I'm 100% certain of what I want a room to look like in the long run. This is why the Addis Sit and Store is perfect for us - it is a low cost storage solution that can serve our toy-storage needs well in the near term until I make up my mind about what decor the house needs in the future!

Addis sent us one of their blue Sit and Store storage bins. In total it is about 40cm diameter and about 43cm tall - enough to hold all the Barbies and My Little Ponies that I usually stand on every morning. At the end of the day I can scoop up all the toy debris and place it into the storage bucket and then, as a bonus, I have somewhere to sit when I read the girls their bedtime story. Genius.

Actually, the integrated seat is really the thing that makes this for me. We got rid of the rocking chair in the nursery a long time ago (it was taking up too much space) and since then we have been lying on beanbags or just sitting down on the bedroom floor when it gets to the girls bedtime. I like the Sit & Store because I now have somewhere to perch without feeling that we have taken up valuable floor space with a dedicated stool.

The lid of the bucket has a shaped top designed to accommodate big and little bottoms alike! It is perfectly capable of taking my weight but Lara loves to sit on it too!  The Sit & Store would also make quite a good laundry basket.

This Addis Sit & Store currently costs between £13 and £15 and is available in both blue and red.

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