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Friday 2 May 2014

Banana Cupcakes - Funspiration Activities from Flora Buttery

Last weekend, as the weather was a bit rubbish, we were largely stuck indoors and so I downloaded the Funspiration Activity Guide from the Flora website which features 15 fun activities for kids which need no more than five things and which take less than 15 minutes to prepare.

banana cupcakes with Flora buttery

Activities in the guide include making your own lava lamp, hosting a catwalk and re-enacting your own silly version of the Olympic games.  We decided to make cupcakes - can't go wrong with a cupcake, can you?  We liked the look of these easy peasy banana cupcakes which are made with bananas, flour, caster sugar, egg and Flora Buttery.  For the icing, you can use whatever you fancy... we used a buttercream icing made with Flora Buttery and a really good vanilla extract and my goodness, it was the finest buttercream I've ever made.

This was the first time in several months where both Lara and Holly had joined each other in the kitchen for a bit of cookery and it was great to see the girls working together.  OK, they argue quite a bit but Lara loves being the big sister and showing Holly how to do things like measuring out the ingredients and reading the numbers on the kitchen scales.

The cake mix was phenomenally easy to make.  We used an ice cream scoop to put the mixture into the cake cases so we managed to avoid making as much mess as normal!

Once the cakes were cooked and cooled (I shall let you follow the recipe in the Flora Buttery Family Funspiration Activity Guide), Lara and Holly used a piping bag to squeeze buttercream onto each cake as a vehicle for sprinkles.. they sprinkled on sweet banana chips, soft gold balls and a little touch of popping candy for a bit of fun!

The cakes were awesomely soft, beautifully banana-y and, like I said, the buttercream icing was to die for.  We will certainly be making these banana cupcakes again.

Disclosure: Flora Buttery sent me the ingredients for our funspiration activity
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