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Saturday 24 May 2014

Natural and Organic Lipsticks from Alva and Inika

This month I've been sampling some of the natural and organic lipsticks and lip gloss products from MyPure who sent me a couple of their top brands to try out.  I so rarely buy make-up these days that I can afford to splash out when I do and here's a tip - in my experience, natural make-up products are worth every penny you spend on them.

If I am putting a product on my eyes or lips it is really important to me to know that they contain no nasties and are going to be kind to my skin (with age, my skin gets more sensitive every month).  This Alva Coleur natural and organic liquid lip gloss is made almost solely from flower or plant-derived ingredients.

Alva natural and organic lip gloss
Alva Natural and Organic Lip Gloss
The colour is described as Indian Red and it certainly does its name proud (although it looks totally different to the shade sample on the MyPure website).  It is a stunning, rich red that goes on smoothly and consistently - unlike many lipglosses, it didn't feel sticky at all.  I liked the applicator as it was soft against my lips.

The Alva organic lip gloss was deep enough in colour, and thick enough in texture that I think you could wear it as a lipstick for full colour coverage.  I found that within a few hours, the colour bled so I will use a lip pencil with it in the future.

Also in my MyPure parcel this month was this beautiful Naked Ambition Inika lipstick which I think could become my new everyday shade (although, once again, the colour looks absolutely nothing like the shade sample on the website!).

Inika natural lipstick
Inika Natural and Vegan Lipstick
Inika lipsticks are suitable for vegans (something that I am told is very unusual) because they are made from plant-based oils such as shea butter and jojoba oil instead of animal-derived oils.  This lipstick is paraben-free, GM-free and also free from preservatives and fragrances.

I absolutely love this natural colour and I'm enjoying using the Inika lipstick.  I found it quite a hard texture to start with and it took a good few uses to soften the tip enough to apply the lipstick easily.  Now though, it is a lot easier and it glides on well but I do find the colour a bit inconsistent on my lips if I apply it directly - I've had more success with a lip brush where I feel a bit more in control of the level of coverage.  I think that it just me though; I always carry a lip brush in my make-up bag.

This Inika lipstick costs just over £15 and is available in 8 different shades.  Both the Alva lip gloss and Inika Lipstick are available from MyPure.  You can follow MyPure natural beauty on Facebook.  Disclosure: I was sent these two products for review but all thoughts are my own.

STOP PRESS -You'll be pleased to know that Mypure are running a special bank holiday sale with 10% off everything for today and tomorrow so get to it!
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