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Thursday 22 May 2014

Yellow Moon Crafts

Yellow Moon sent us a bumper pack of kids creative craft materials to review.

This weekend I was rummaging through the box of craft materials and had a brain wave.  There was a small bag of around 200 craft shells (£2.99) which I think were intended for creating pictures or ornaments but it dawned on me that the girls could get just as creative with them in the garden as they could do indoors.  I added the shells to their sandpit and they didn't even need prompting to start creating shapes and creations.  Holly liked piling them up to make "sandcastles" and Lara enjoyed trying to spell out words by placing the small shells in rows on the sand.  It was great fun and I'm so glad I did it.  Now there are little shells to hunt for every time they play in the sandpit - a mini treasure hunt.

On a colder days we like to spend our time together - just us girls - in the front room making crafty creations.  Both Holly and Lara have loved this simple pack of Fruit and Vegetable card cut outs (£2.45) which can be decorated in any way you like.  Lara has concentrated very hard on colouring them in in the "correct" colours and with the "correct" designs using some chunky Giotto Turbo Giant Fibre Tip Pens (£3.99) which come in 12 colours and can quickly fill up the vegetable shapes.

But of all the craft activities we do, Lara most enjoys "constructing" things.  These brightly coloured butterfly jewel magnets come in a set of 4 and are made from foam with googly eyes and stick on jewels.  Each pack contains everything you need to create a butterfly magnet, including instructions and sticky pieces.  Holly made one too (with a bit of help from me!) and loves seeing her own crafty creation every time we pass the fridge door!

There are LOADS of great creative craft supplies at Yellow Moon as wells as party bag fillers and fun treats.  And don't forget that your school or group can earn cashback on all of your purchases.
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