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Monday 19 May 2014

Snazaroo Face Paints

It has taken about three years to get Lara to pluck up the courage to get her face painted!  For some reason, Lara has always found the idea terrifying and yet, this weekend, in the sunshine, Lara sat patiently yet excitedly for me to create this colourful butterfly design using a set of professional-quality face and body paints that we were sent by Snazaroo.

Snazaroo sent us an ultimate party pack for Holly's birthday earlier in the month.  It includes a really good range of face paint colours, a couple of small paintbrushes, a few different sizes of sponge and some sparkly glitter gels as well as a little dimple into which you can place some water.  The kit should allow for you to paint upto 65 faces!

I thought this set was a brilliant addition to any kids birthday party (although Holly was too busy stuffing her face full of strawberries and sausage rolls to get involved) and we have all been back to use the paints, sponges and gels since.  And I say all... Holly and Lara very much enjoy painting their own faces by using a mirror and helping themselves to the paint.  Holly has also very much embraced the idea of body painting and yesterday she even painted my arms... with streaks of black and red, I looked like something out of a zombie movie!

Snazaroo also sell lots of individual paints and accessories.  I really like the large 18 or 30ml single-colour packs as I can hide these away from the girls and use them myself; a single colour is easier to keep clean and allows you to really get the brush in and get it well covered with paint.

Lara, being a 5 year old girl, loves all things sparkly and specifically requested some glitter gel to be dotted around her butterfly design.

Now that I've popped my face-painting cherry, I'm on the lookout for excuses to try and learn a few techniques and styles.  Pinterest is my friend here!  I'd love to learn a few classics and to practice floral designs too as I think this would make me a favourite-mummy at the girl's birthday parties.  I've ordered myself a set of different shapes of Snazaroo paint brushes to get myself started.  Right now, we don't need excuses to paint so this butterfly design was a celebration of the sunshine.

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