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Monday 23 June 2014

Disney Minnie Mouse Bath Toys by Fisher Price - A Review

Minnie Mouse is pretty popular in our house. To be very honest, I've never seen the attraction but both of my girls enjoy playing their Minnie Mouse game on the Leappad and will quite often gravitate to their Minnie Mouse aeroplane when they wake up in the morning and start to raid the toy boxes. These days, I guess Minnie gets more of a look-in than she did when I was a child and with her own bow-tique and a group of very girly friends, including Daisy Duck, Minnie is popping up all over the place. Including our bath!

Fisher Price sent the girls some Minnie Mouse bath toys to try out. We always like to try bath toys because the girls definitely need a distraction from hair washing in the bath; I have great memories of bath toys and yet I am still on the lookout for a toy which I think will hold as many memories for Lara and Holly.

This Disney Minnie Bow-Rific Vanity set is a mirror which sticks to the walls of your bathroom beside the bath. It features a squirty perfume bottle and a little comb to encourage a bit of role play in the bath (Holly didn't need much encouragement!) The Mirror has three bows and when you pour water into one of them, the bow rotates and splashes water on the bows below. The bows are easy to swap - one of them can act as a cup, another has holes in the bottom to let water trickle through.  The Minnie Bow-Rific vanity set sticks well to the wall (one of my bugbears with many a bath toy).  This bath toy is currently on offer at Argos for £9.99.

This is the Fisher Price Disney Drizzly Day Daisy which features a Daisy Duck character, a squirter in the shape of her little duckling friend (a pet?) and an umbrella.  I think Daisy is supposed to be able to hold the umbrella while you pour water over it - the brolly has holes in it to let the water drizzle through - but I simply can't get it to stay in Daisy's hand.  Holly doesn't seem to mind though.  Holly quite liked using the umbrella upside down to fish around in the bath for bubbles and for the bath squirters.

Daisy duck's dress changes colour in hot water from a deep pink to a light pink but I'm not sure either of the girls noticed.  I'm a bit underwhelmed by this bath toy, as I suspect are the girls.  I think it is lacking movement of some sort.  Also in the range is a similar Minnie Mouse bath toy featuring Minnie in a swimsuit and fins with her cat Figaro in a rubber ring!

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