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Friday 13 June 2014

Scilly Flowers - Scented Pinks by Post

Last week I was working away from home. A long way from home. Like 4, 295 miles away. It was a busy week but I did get a chance to do some exploring and relaxing but my goodness, by the end of the week I was missing home. On my return there was a compact little parcel waiting for me as a Gift from Scilly Flowers.

Scented pink flowers by post

These beautiful scented pinks were posted all the way from the Scilly isles off the coast of Cornwall - a group of islands where lots of my family history originates but on which I have yet to set foot.

Scilly Flowers are based on a farm on the small island of St. Martins.  Because of the warming effect of the gulf stream, it is a great place to grow these flowers for long periods of the year.

Scilly Flowers offer a postal service to the mainland where you can order anything between 16 and 100 of these scented pinks to be posted in a box using Royal Mail.  There are even some very special bouquets too.

My parcel arrived a couple of days before I got home from the states (and despite the fact the box said what it contained, it never occurred to Mr. B to open the box and put the flowers in a vase) and yet they were still in perfect condition; and now, nearly 11 days after they were first posted to me, they still look awesome.  Such a simple bouquet but they really make an impact.

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