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Wednesday 25 June 2014

Elmer's 25th Birthday - #Elmer25

Elmer, the funny, cheeky yet down-to-earth Elephant is celebrating his 25th Birthday this summer. Up and down the country there are Elmer elephant parades taking place - find out at your local library whether there are any activities near you. Here at Mellow HQ we are starting to plan our own Elmer's Day Parade and will be sharing some of our crafty ideas over the summer, inspired by this downloadable activity pack.

The original Elmer book, written by David McKee, was published 25 years ago. Until recently I hadn't read the original (though we do have a couple of family favourites already - our all time favourite Elmer book is "Elmer and Wilbur"). Elmer is a patchwork elephant who has developed a name for himself as a bit of a joker; in the original Elmer story he tries to make himself 'normal' and all the other elephants really miss the real Elmer. I'm glad he decided to go back to being himself!

To celebrate his 25th anniversary, Andersen Press have released a brand new Elmer book - Elmer and the Monster. In this story all of the other animals are running away from a scary monster but Elmer can't see anything to be scared of. What could be the source of all the scary roaring noises?

Also this summer look out for these bright and chunky Elmer Colouring Felt Pens which cost around £4.50 for a set of 12 different colours (6 pens). The pens feature the iconic Elmer patchwork pattern and they have a different colour on each end of the pen. Holly finds these pens nice and chunky and I'm happy to let her use them because (a) they are washable and (b) Holly is able to protect her clothes from pen marks in her groovy Elmer tabard.

The tabard is a sleeveless overall with a wipe-clean fabric that can protect your children's clothes when doing craft, art, cookery or outdoor activities. At £5.99 I think this Elmer Tabard is great value. The Elmer apron is made from cotton with a PVC coating, it has the same bright Elmer pattern on both the back and the front. It is available in one size which is suitable for children of around 2 years to 4 years old.

To me, Elmer is a perfect elephant role model! He is a little bit cheeky, very cheerful and yet he has a sensible head on his shoulders. If Elmer wrote a blog, he'd be the Mellow Elephant.
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