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Saturday 21 June 2014

Thomas & Friends By Mega Bloks

Both of my girls love to build.  Holly's nursery have commented to me about how, recently, Holly has shown an interest in building very tall towers.  It was fabulous to be contacted to try out one of the sets of Mega Bloks from the new Thomas & Friends™ range; Holly emptied out her bag of bloks and instantly gravitated towards the pieces that would make up her own Thomas train and then was eager to move on and build him some track to travel on.

This Thomas Visits The Castle set is designed for children from 3-6 years.  It features the slightly smaller Mega Bloks bricks which we had never tried before and in fact Holly managed really well with them and enjoyed building towers and shapes with them. The carry bag of bricks features a design for building a castle for Thomas, it also contains three pieces of track that Thomas can travel on as well as a small sheet of stickers for making the bricks look that little bit more realistic.  I really liked this set and it has inspired me to get a few more Mega Bloks of this size for both of my girls to play with.

Holly was also sent a First Builders bag of Lil' Princess Mega Bloks.  These are the larger, iconic Mega Bloks bricks suitable for tiny hands to explore their first attempts at building.  The set comes in a pink bag and features a small selection of pink, green, blue and purple bricks with instructions to build this small princess tower.

Because of the princess theme, Lara immediately took an interest.  I love that Mega Bloks are timeless.  Even myself and Mr. B. can while away an hour building a castle!  This First Builders set features special sparkly bricks in pink, purple and blue that give a fairy princess feel.  The set came with a sheet of stickers that both Lara and Holly had GREAT FUN sticking onto their tower.  The poor L'il princess didn't get much of a look-in to her new castle!  She has a sparkly crown which bobs up and down when you place her on top of a blok.

You can find out more about the different types of Mega Bloks and their themed sets, as well as the educational and imaginative qualities of building bricks at
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