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Sunday 22 June 2014

Is Holly part cat?

My cat Bella is just a little younger than Holly. Sometimes I wonder about them two. They show the same signs of cheekiness - biting, playing, hiding things in places you wouldn't expect. They sleep in the same funny positions, demand constant attention and seem to share the same lack of appetite at times. Perhaps Holly is part-cat?

When I first came across TellTails and their fabulous dressing-up tails, I instantly knew that Holly NEEDED a fluffy cat tail in the style of the Cheshire Cat.  When Holly grins, her teeth sparkle and her eyes widen just like the mysterious, yet wise Cheshire Cat from Alice's adventures.

This fun dressing up accessory is one of several fun animal designs from TellTails designed specifically for children (although their range also features adult tails too!).  From foxes to monkies... dinosaurs to tigers... the pink panther to the cat in the hat; Telltails make tails to suit all tastes ranging from £18 to £30.

Holly's Cheshire cat tail slips on over the waist using a wide elastic.  There are also two arm bands to help keep the tail upright and close to the body.  The tail works best when worn with a separate t-shirt and skirt or trousers because then the tail can poke out between the clothes but today, in the sunshine, Holly insisted on wearing her tail with her sundress while she made sandcastles so I had to poke the tail out through the button-holes of her dress!

Holly just gets on with life when she is wearing her tail.  Occasionally she has to stop to hitch up the arm bands.  She sometimes forgets she is wearing it. It's almost as if the tail felt natural to her.

I don't think Holly needs any additional cheekiness but the Cheshire Cat tail does make her seem that little bit more...feline.  The tail itself is slightly squishy and infinitely shape-able so that you can bend it and mould it into whatever position you like... very much like the Cheshire Cat does.

I love this tail and it is proving a very popular dressing up choice (which is a very welcome change from princesses).
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