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Tuesday 24 June 2014

Netflix #StreamTeam - Me Time!

We have had our Netflix subscription for a few weeks now and I admit that it has come in handy for providing weekend entertainment for Lara and Holly while Dave and I have managed to slot in a couple of hours of DIY in the afternoons.

But Netflix isn't just for the girls.  In fact, in this past few weeks I have watched one or two things just for me.  I can't begin to tell you how unusual this is.  Usually, television is chosen by the girls.  If the girls are in bed then Mr. B. chooses.  It isn't that he is in charge of the remote control, just that ordinarily I'm happy just to watch whatever is on and I tend to trust his judgement.  Mind you, there is more sport on our television that I'd naturally choose myself.  All this means that it is incredibly unusual that I would ever sit down on my own and choose to switch the TV on and watch something.

Since we joined Netflix, I've found that the flexibility that I have means that I can sit with my iPad in bed and watch something totally different to what Mr. B. is watching downstairs.  Alternatively, if he is reading, I can plug in my headphones and watch something without disturbing him.  The very first thing I chose to watch on Netflix was Pulp Fiction!  A proper chill-out, relaxation choice.

Let me explain... I'm a media studies student at heart.  I may have re-qualified as a geek but my first degree was in media studies, due partly to my love of films.  I have slowly slipped out of the habit of watching and dissecting classic films.  So when I first got an opportunity to watch something all of my own choosing, I went back to a classic that I had watched so many times before when studying film at university.  It felt good to get back to my roots.  There are a few other classic movies that I'm looking forward to watching again; Fargo and High Fidelity are both films I studied parts of at uni (though I can't for the life of me remember why).

But I don't think classic movies are going to be the main thing that I invest my me-time in.  I'm looking forward to dipping in an out of TV series.  Relaxing with a cuppa to watch an episode of some of the big TV hits that I simply haven't taken one look at before.  Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black are both on my list of things that Mr. B. simply wouldn't take one look at so I can chill out with my iPad and watch in isolation.

The new series of Orange is the New Black is exclusive to Netflix, and to celebrate, they've recommended a fun Orange cocktail to enjoy during your me-time.  Given that I'm trying very hard (and succeeding) to reduce my alcohol intake right now, I won't be partaking but you can find the recipe here for the Orange Chill cocktail.  It is a bit extravagant for a school night, but I think the cocktail would still work well without the rum.  Maybe I'll get Mr. B to make me one this weekend while I chill out for some me-time.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. In return for my monthly subscription, I blog about my experiences.
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