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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Kids Craft Activity Sets from Yellow Moon

Yellow Moon sent the girls a bumper box of kids craft activity sets to fill the weekends with fun.

We love Yellow Moon craft sets because they are great time fillers for if the girls get a bit restless at the weekend while I'm cooking or if we have jobs to do that they can't join in with - each pack usually contains 4 to 6 sets of the same, or similar activity. This means that both girls get a chance to try out a craft together and that they can have a couple of tries to get things just perfect. It also means that when we have friends over to play, I can lift out one of these craft sets for them all to enjoy. The sets also make great gifts for friends and family.

Lara and Holly both enjoyed making these brightly coloured stained glass beach huts in the days after we got back from a short break to the seaside in Dorset. I think these would make a wonderful summer holiday activity. The kits contain the delicate black paper outlines and a selection of sheets of coloured cellophane which you can cut and stick into place and then hang with the ribbons provided.  The set contains 6 beach huts in a range of designs.

This weekend we made these brightly coloured pot-plant gnome stakes which are designed to catch the sunlight through their coloured segments.  We used porcelain paint pens to colour in the plastic because we didn't have any glass pens or glass paint available - it seemed to work quite well.  Holly particularly enjoyed this activity and wanted to place her gnomes in the garden to look after our chilli plants!

And tonight the girls have been making these!  These little finger puppets are great examples of quick craft activities that can occupy the girls for a few minutes.  I just needed a little bit of space while cooking the dinner tonight so I sat the girls down with one of these alien finger puppet sets each and they set to sticking all the pieces together, really helping one another with their creations.  It was a great show of teamwork.

Don't forget that you can earn between 5% and 20% cashback for your school on most Yellow Moon purchases.
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