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Tuesday 7 April 2015

#VanishGoldForWhites - The Bed Linen Challenge

This month, the members of the Vanish Blogger's Club were challenged to keep white bed linen looking as good as new with Vanish Gold for Whites.

Until the challenge started, I had never owned white bed linen... ever.  With two little people, and a black cat in the house, white bed linen had never crossed my mind.  But I tell you what, these crisp pure white pillowcases, sheet and duvet cover look incredibly smart and I've really enjoyed sleeping in them. It feels relaxing, luxurious and a bit decadent.

The girls, obviously, saw the white bed linen as a bit of a challenge and, no sooner had I put the sheets on, they clambered, naked, into our bed.  Cheeky.  The cat, who until a month ago had spent all of her days hidden underneath the bed, has decided that she also cannot resist the lure and has taken up residency on top of the bed.  I haven't really got a hope of keeping these clean, have I?

Thankfully, Vanish Gold for Whites promises to help me in my challenge to keep the bed linen looking as good as new.  Using the powder you can it place it directly into the drawer of the washing machine with your normal wash to help retain the as-new sparkle.

Vanish Gold for Whites can, under the right conditions, make your whites upto 3 shades whiter (as I showed last month with my grey-to-white shirt).  I've been experimenting a bit with some of my older white products such as manky tea-towels and my favourite white bath towels.  The white bath towels were a wedding present which seemed like a good idea at the time but over the past 7 years the towels, despite being washed alone, have lost some of their true whiteness.  I'm glad to have been able to restore some of their original brightness using Vanish Gold for Whites in the wash for the past few laundry runs.

The most dramatic changes have been on my manky tea-towels.  I won't share the pictures here because they are, despite their new lease of life, still very manky. But now they are definitely more white than they are gungy grey!

I'm looking forward to the ongoing challenge of keeping this bed linen clean - it'll be worth it for that feeling of crisp white fresh bed-linen during the summer.  I think the girls have already understood the magic of that feeling!

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