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Saturday 11 April 2015

Netflix Easter Holidays Choices #StreamTeam

Despite having to work for quite a bit of the Easter holidays, we have managed to find some time to relax and chill out (and my, don't we need it).  Right now, we're really enjoying our Netflix subscription - all four of us.

The girls can easily get stuck in a rut when it comes to television and will quite happily watch the same thing AGAIN and AGAIN so we like to encourage them to try something new at least once a week (more for our own sanity than anything).  We particularly like to use the Apple TV interface to Netflix where the children can browse the catalogue using just the images of the characters.  

This is how we discovered Oggy and the cockroaches which has become a new favourite.  Oggy and his friends are cats who are plagued by a gang of cockroaches.  This is traditional slapstick cartoon mayhem with some quite extreme accidents and tricks which make the girls roll around the room in laughter.  There is no talk, just music and sound effects so the comedy is timeless.

New on Netflix this Easter for children is Disney's Wreck it Ralph; a great idea for a rainy afternoon or just for a bit of a calm-down period after a busy day out.  Wreck it Ralph gets awesome reviews from both adults and children and Netflix.

Having recently finished our Breaking Bad marathon, Mr. B. and I have yet to be tempted in by any of the other series' we have sampled.  We are still trying to settle in to Netflix original prequel, Better Call Saul but there are a few new arrivals on Netflix this April which may tempt us instead...

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