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Wednesday 10 February 2016

Andy's Amazing Adventures Childrens Magazine Review

Today sees the launch of a brand new children's magazine from the BBC - Andy's Amazing Adventures.

This brand new monthly magazine is based on the hit CBeebies television shows, Andy's Wild Adventures and Andy's Dinosaur Adventures (and new adventures coming soon!).  Lara and Holly are both massive fans of Andy's Dinosaur Adventures and watching snippets from the show is one of their favourite things to do when they get home from school and nursery in the evenings.

The new Andy's Amazing Adventures magazine brings together topics on animals, dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures into the now tried and tested CBeebies magazine format.  With a great mixture of sticker scenes, colouring, puzzles and simple maths and writing challenges, this new periodical for kids is well suited to children from 3-6 years old.  Both Lara (6) and Holly (3) found content in the magazine to interest them.  Lara liked to read the cartoon stories about Andy returning to the time of the triceratops.  Holly most enjoyed the sticker pages but also really rose to the challenge of some of the simple maths puzzles that practice early KS1 and foundation skills such as comparing sizes or counting instances of animals.

If you have a mini dinosaur fan then I think they will absolutely LOVE this magazine.  It is packed full of prehistoric facts, all of which are written in really consumable format suitable for small people to digest.  There is even a T-rex rap that you can fill in using your stickers and use to practice writing the shapes of the letters in his name!

If you're a regular reader of CBeebies magazines then you'll recognise some of the 7 key areas of learning that feature in the magazine - from tracing letters and numbers to drawing in your own interpretation of a scene.  There are also activities to cut out and glue together.  Perhaps the biggest hit in our house for both girls is the fact that they can now make their own (paper) version of Andy's famous gizmo... I shall leave them to argue over who gets to create it.

I like this magazine because of the wide range of ages that it appeals to.  There are some genuinely interesting facts (you can cut out and keep fact cards from each issue) to be found in the magazine as well as the fun and games.

Of course, no kids magazine would be complete without a free gift on the front, would it?  After all, that's what really draws the little people in!  The first issue of Andy's Amazing Adventures comes with a T-Rex dinosaur grabber who chomps up a selection of mini dinos!  How could you possibly resist?

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